Information & Activity Report 2022-23

At present the great movement in the name of Sri Ramakrishna, the Hindu Mystic and Spiritual Leader, as well as on His teachings underlining the principle that God realization is the supreme goal of life has gained momentum significantly all over the world. The history behind the preparation of the seeds for the movement to grow gigantic like a banyan tree at Baranagar Math is unknown to many as yet. In the natural way, the seeds have been grown and taken the shape gradually. The Baranagar Math is the place of 'Sadhanbhumi' of all the fourteen disciples of Sri Ramakrishna who passed their austere life during the years 1886 to 1892 to realize the teachings and ideals of their Guru as a perfect way of life. Subsequently, the Ramakrishna Movement was initiated by Swami Vivekananda to spread the universal message of Vedanta in the light of Sri Ramakrishna and to work for the alleviating of the poor and the downtrodden with the motto 'for one's own liberation and for the good of the world'. Following the principle of Swamiji, the public welfare activities conducted by this centre are being increased day by day. Along with the spiritual services there has been continuous endeavour for other welfare measures imparting schooling facility to the slum children, health care facilities for all, daily milk feeding to the children and the destitute, payment of monthly scholarship to the needy students, distribution of new cloths and blankets to the poor people of the locality as well as to the remote villages viz. Sundarbans in South 24 Parganas district, Hijaldiha and Barjora in Bankura District etc. Baranagar Math has also taken up the project for construction of one five-storey building to extend the facilities for free education to the slum children and free treatments to the underprivileged in larger numbers.

Celebration of birthday Tithipuja of Sri Sri Ma Sarada Devi together with Annual Celebration programme for continuous 3 days was observed after a lapse of 2 years, as usual in 2022 like pre-corona pandemic situation. The performance of the students of our Primary School named, Gadadhar Sishu Vikas Kendra was most praiseworthy. The celebration of Birthday Tithipuja of Sri Sri Thakur has also been observed most successfully. On the occasion of 75th year of Independence of India, the programme planned by the Government of India named 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' was organized on a larger scale during the period for about three months. The students of the local school and colleges were invited to participate in the discussions and various competitions like debate, question-answer session, recitation, songs, dance and shrutinatok (audio drama) were also organized on each Sunday.

As people from different corners of the world come to visit this math, it has become more important to recover the remaining area of 01acre out of 02 acres of total land of Old Baranagar Math in order to start construction of the Replica Building as the memorial of Sadhanbhumi for spiritual development of the human being. In order to fulfil the desire of the Public, we like to pray to Sri Ramakrishna Deva, Sri Sri Ma Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda for Their blessings to achieve the goal.

Progress in construction work for the new school and outpatient clinic building - An Appeal for kind donation


    Baranagar Math was started a new in the year 2004 as a Branch centre of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, long after Swami Vivekananda and other Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna left this holy site in the year 1892. It was then observed that more than 100 slum pockets lying around this centre. The drive for education to the slum children, the first- generation learners, as well as free medical treatments for all was taken up as the first priority of social service to the people. The primary school was opened to impart education to the children, both boys and girls. Primarily there were about 10 students, the parents of whom were convinced to join their wards to our school to avail free education facilities. Over the years the number of students have been increased to 425by this time. But the existing school is running in a small building inadequate for sitting of all the students at a time. Therefore, the school has been running in two shifts, the Morning and Day sections. Being satisfied with the progress of studies in this school, the demand for admission of greater number of students is coming up. But at present no more students can be admitted in the existing school premises for shortage of accommodation. The Out-Patient-Clinic is also being run in an inadequate space and needs to be shifted to a spacious area for better treatment facilities to more number of patients.                            

Under this situation, the dream project for construction of new School and Medical Unit building (G+5 storeyed) at the prime location of Ratan Babu Road has been taken up. The plan for this building has been sanctioned by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the construction work has been started already. The piling work for the building started in May, 2022 and it has been completed. It has now been decided that the construction for ground floor and first floor is to be completed by December, 2023. The ground floor and first floor will be covering an area of 5755 Sqft. each. The estimated cost being Rs. 86,58,000 for ground floor and Rs. 66,85,000 for first floor along with the additional cost of Rs.1,50,00,000 for piling work, the total estimated cost will be Rs.3,03,43,000. Meanwhile, Rs. 2.00 crore has already been received from the donors, patrons and well-wishers whereas the remaining amount is still needed to complete the construction work up to second floor for shifting of the School and the Out- Patient-Clinic to the new premises.

Under the circumstances, we submit our earnest appeal to all the devotees and patrons to join hands for implementing the project as per the schedule. 

Hope you would kindly extend generous donation for this noble purpose.

The dream Project on construction of a Replica Building of old Baranagar Monastery – a special initiative
A brief history of Baranagar Math

After Mahasamadhi of Sri Ramakrishna, Narendranath (later Swami Vivekananda) founded Ramakrishna Sangha at a dilapidated haunted garden house at Baranagar in the later part of the year 1886. The first Monastic Order of the Sangha then started at the place which then named Baranagar Math. Narendranath and thirteen other disciples of Sri Ramakrishna started to live in this deserted broken house in 1886, They used to undergo deep meditation (tapasya) every day braving unprecedented penury and privation collecting daily food by 'Holy begging' (Madhukari) for survival. In January 1887 Narendranath Datta and eight others performed 'Viroja Homa' at this place and took the formal vow of 'sanyasa' to dedicate their lives for the welfare of mankind following blazing zeal of renunciation and service to the mankind.

​What happened aftermath

After Swamiji and others had left this holy place, the dilapidated old Baranagar Math building unfortunately crumbled to dust. The land of the garden house had changed its hand and many buildings, shops and slums sprang up there in course of time.

Later after about 117 years, Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission started a new center at this place in the year 2004 securing a small portion of the land. The garden house, taken on rent by Narendranath at Rs.11/- per month, was there covering an area of about 02 acres. After a small area of land was possessed by Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, the main initiative was taken to recover the total area of 02 acres of land and within this period more than 01 acres has been recovered and the persuasion is going on for restoration of the entire land of old Baranagar Math's monastery area.

​The Project

The most exciting information that will please everyone is to announce that the exact area of the land where the historical building was located has been earmarked for Replica Building Construction and the new construction is to be started keeping the same base brick structure to build the Replica Building displaying the accurate copy of the monument similar and close reproduction of the original work of art. The edifice to be constructed for the purpose of religious submission and humble worship of the devotees in commemoration of the days of Swamiji and His cohorts' great sacrifice of their lives for the holy purpose of attaining spiritual perfection. In future it will be a place of international pilgrimage for visiting the 'Tapobhumi' of the great disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. Also the programme for setting up one museum along with the Animation Profile pictures of all the monastic brothers will be placed to describe their daily chores which they had to follow in course of their living at this place.

The proposed Replica Building will combine various architectural features of monuments as it has been described by Swami Virajanandaji Maharaj who was the first person to join the Ramakrishna Order at Baranagar Math and seen the building himself, and other information received from reliable sources. The building would be constructed by the competent authority like M/s. Larsen & Toubro who are experienced in this type of work. It is therefore, proposed that the project to be given to M/s. Tata Projects Ltd. for their planning of construction work over 02 acres of the land so as to bring about all-round development of the place as well as the development of the public for their physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual uplifting. At this stage the total cost for implementation of the dream project cannot be estimated but it is assumed that a few crores of rupees to be needed for this purpose. People coming from different parts of India as well as from overseas countries, usually express interest to see the building of the old Baranagar Math which is not in existence now but the pictures of the old building are there which is shown to the devotees. As a mark of commemoration, two main gate-pillar stand tall which we show to the visitors at present. Under this situation the construction of the Replica Building is very much needed for satisfaction of the eagerly devotees. And all possible care to be taken to construct the Replica Building maintaining the specific features of the old Baranagar Math for rousing devotion of the visitors to this holy site, once resided by Swami Vivekananda along with the thirteen apostles of Sri Ramakrishna.

May the Memorial stand eternal as witness of sacrifice and unity of all to help spiritual regeneration !